Farm & Land Auctions

John Dixon & Associates (JDA) is a national real estate auction firm founded over 20 years ago by an industry leader. When John Dixon founded the firm he had one primary goal, “to set the standard in professionalism”. To this day the corporate mission still remains and it is where it all starts for our team. There is a reason our reputation is the envy of the industry. We’ve earned it - one auction at a time, through transparency and trust. We make sure sellers understand our marketing process, fees and bidding systems. Likewise, we make sure your property is properly represented so that bidders have the confidence to bid.

About Farm and Land Auctions

Farm and Land Auctions have been a hallmark of the auction industry for generations and has been a core part of our business since our inception. Property owners face two major challenges in selling their farm and land: (1) Getting it sold in a timely manner, and (2) getting the market value for properties. Central to both of those challenges is the question of pricing. The ultimate value of a property is the one at which someone is willing to buy it. A properly marketed auction can effectively address both of these challenges. The auction date forces buyers to act on the seller's timetable, and the competitive nature of the auction ensures a fair market value.


  • Large & small acreage tracts
  • Cultivated and conservation parcels
  • Timberland
  • Horse farms
  • Cattle ranches


Benefits to Selling Your Farm and Land at Auction

  • Multi-Parcel Bidding: Unlike the traditional selling method…the property can be offered in a variety of tract sizes, a combination of tracts or as whole. This can open the door for a much larger pool of prospects, thereby increasing the number of bids and ultimately the price the buyer is willing to pay.
  • Intense Targeted Marketing: We identify the potential prospects, create an atmosphere with a now or never psychology that causes bidders to act and implement the program to its maximum potential.
  • Timing: By having a predetermined sale date and closing date the auction can be structured to fit your timeline.
  • Confident Closings: Selling your property with a significant earnest money binder, “as-is” and with a no contingence contract helps to ensures your closing is a success.

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